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Our birth report is carefully prepared after extensive studies and research. The layout and format of the report are in such a way that a reader can fully comprehend the topic. Our unique feature is in the way we approach a birth chart for calculation and analysis. We consider every important spot mentioned in the classics and have also included much accepted Bhava Chalit chart analysis along with the general Bhava analysis. We are also improving and adding more features whenever possible. We are constantly researching and studying this excellent ancient science and updating our Adwaith Software accordingly.

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The following areas are covered in-depth:

  • Report Language: English
  • Detailed Panchag Analysis (Nakshatra, Thithi, Vara, Yoga, Karana)
  • Sudharshan Chakra
  • Bhava Chart
  • Planetary Aspect according to degrees (more accurate)
  • Planetary Friendship tables
  • Shadbala, Ishta/Kashta phala
  • Detailed Navagraha Report
  • Shodashvarga Charts
  • Ashataka Varga Charts
  • Vimshottari Dasha Report
  • Vimshottari Dasha Predictions
  • Astrology Yoga report and analysis/checks of More than 150 yoga combinations
  • Transit Analysis and Predictions for Saturn, Jupiter, and Sun
  • Favourable periods for Marriage, Business, Career, and House construction.
  • Upagraha Chart and Analysis of Gulika
  • Aruda Chart and Aruda Lagna Analysis
  • In-depth Graha/house analysis, predictions along with Bhavam chart analysis
  • Ishta Devta calculations in detail
  • Accurate Gem Recommendations using anukool Graha calculation method along with Graha Bala, Maha dasha considerations.
  • Detail report on Numerology
  • Rudraksha Recommendations
  • Dosha Analysis (Kaal Sarp Dosha, Kuja/Manglik dosha)
  • Special Yoga Analysis (Shub/Paap Kartari, Punarphoo/Vish, Ganesha/Chandal Yogas)

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