Sun in Pisces

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun is the Planet of authority and pride. The kingly planet, however, will agree and listen to his Guru or teacher, which is why the Sun is friendly with Jupiter, the Lord of Pisces. Sun is comfortable sitting in the sign of Pisces. Even though the dreamy nature of Pisces is against the practical … Read more

Sun in Aquarius

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Aquarius is not a favourable position the planet. Sun and the Lord of Aquarius, Saturn, are not friendly with each other and so, the placement of the Sun in this sign may bring a certain level of disharmony in person’s character. However, if Saturn is well placed in the horoscope without further … Read more

Sun in Capricorn

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Capricorn is a difficult position for the Sun. This is because of the opposing character of Sun and the Lord of Capricorn, the Saturn. Sun do not have a friendly relationship with Saturn and when you compare the character of these planets, then you will see how opposite they are. In the … Read more

Sun in Sagittarius

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Sagittarius is considered an auspicious placement, as the Sun is 5th from its own house of Leo. Sagittarius is the natural 9th house of the Zodiac, which adds up the positivity of this planetary placement. Sun is also friendly with Jupiter, who is the Lord of Sagittarius. Hence Sun in Sagittarius will … Read more

Sun in Scorpio

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Scorpio is considered a positive placement for the Sun, as Sun is friendly with Mars, the Lord of Scorpio. One important matter about this planetary placement is, the Sun gets its negative energy a boost while in this sign. This is because of many astrological factors. One is the nature of Scorpio. … Read more

Sun in Libra

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Libra is the weak position of the Sun. Here the Sun becomes debilitated (Neecha Avastha). When a planet becomes debilitated, it does not behave negatively unless the planet is further afflicted. The positive or negative results of a planet in debilitation depend on the relationship between the planet and its dispositor (the … Read more

Sun in Virgo

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Virgo is considered a good position as the sun is neutral towards Mercury. The Lord of Virgo and Mercury, in turn, keeps a friendly relationship with the Sun. The Sun is posited in the 2nd house from its own sign, which signifies the house of wealth and fixed assets for Leo. It … Read more

Sun in Leo

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Leo is the most comfortable place for the Sun next to Aries. Sun likes to be in its own sign as Sun represents the authority and power. The kingly planet always prefers to be in its own house for better management. When the Sun is posited in Leo, the native will gain courage and … Read more

Sun in Cancer

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Cancer is a positive placement for the Sun as Moon, the Lord of Cancer and Sun, shares a friendly relationship. Even though the Sun is posited in the 12th house from its own sign of Leo, the comfortable position of Sun in the watery sign of Cancer gives out positive results if … Read more

Sun in Gemini

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Sun in Gemini is a mix of neutral to positive results to the native. The Lord of Gemini, Mercury, is not an enemy of the sun. Sun keeps a neutral relationship with Mercury and hence, while Sun is posited in the sign of Gemini, it is neither energized nor getting weak. Since Mercury keeps … Read more

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