Ketu in Cancer in Vedic Astrology

Reading Time: 4 minutes The zodiac sign of Cancer in Vedic astrology is governed by the Moon, encapsulating emotions, sensitivity, and intuition. Elucidating on the Moon’s disposition towards periodic transformations- waxing and waning cyclically- subtly implies the emotional variability typical of Cancer natives. They are prone to abrupt mood vibrations and exhibit a floorless emotional depth, akin to their … Read more

Ketu in Libra: A Vedic Astrology Study

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ornamented by Venus, the planet that signifies beauty and love, Libra is imbued with these enchanting traits, making individuals born under this sign magnetic, balanced, and adept at diplomacy. It is an Air sign and possesses the cardinal or moving quality, bestowing both a dynamic and adaptable personality. From the perspective of Vedic astrology, when … Read more

Ketu in Aquarius: According to Vedic Astrology

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Ketu, the South Node of Lunar, traverses the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the societal, technological, and humanitarian domains of the sign experience profound shifts. This movement signifies an era of significant changes in the way institutions function, individual freedom is perceived and technology is interpreted. As Aquarius is often associated with futuristic ideas and … Read more

Mars in Leo: Vedic Astrology Insights

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Planet Mars, popularly referred to as Mangal in Vedic astrology, represents energy, passion, drive, and determination. It is the personification of raw vitality and unbridled passion. Mars is the metaphorical ‘warrior’ amongst planets, usually associated with tenacity, physical strength, and bravery. On the other hand, Leo, or Simha, is the sign of the fiery, … Read more

Ketu in Aries: A Vedic Astrology Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes Diving right into our celestial conversation, when it comes to Ketu nestled in Aries within a Vedic astrology chart, things heat up quite a bit. Aries, the vivacious Ram, is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Born under the element of fire, Aries is lively, dynamic, and … Read more

Jupiter in Scorpio: Astrological Examination

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jupiter, in Vedic Astrology, is commonly known as the “Guru” or teacher. This celestial giant imparts wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment—qualities which signify expansion and growth on various dimensions of life. As Jupiter aligns itself with the sign of its friendly sign of Scorpio, one can expect a period of significant transformation and profound revelations at … Read more

Jupiter in Aquarius according to Vedic Astrology

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jupiter, often regarded as the ‘Guru’ or ‘Teacher’ in Vedic Astrology, signifies wisdom, wealth, education, and overall growth. It embraces philosophical undertones, emanating expansive energy that corresponds to spiritual evolution and intellectual advancement. A change in Jupiter’s planetary position invariably brings about fundamental shifts in these life domains, ripple-effects of which can substantially alter individual … Read more

Ketu in Taurus through Vedic Astrology

Reading Time: 4 minutes As Taurus is a fixed earth sign, naturally aligning with material comforts and stability, the presence of highly spiritual and at the same time exceptionally analytical and logical Ketu can manifest paradoxical outcomes. Individuals with Ketu in Taurus may carry an inherent struggle between their inclination toward material enjoyment against the ethereal introspective energy of … Read more

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