Mars Vedic Astrology: Link to Aggressive Crimes

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mars operates on a profound level in Vedic astrology, influencing individual personas significantly. It finds existence in the ‘Navagraha system’, which means it contributes to the ‘nine influencers’ shaping a person’s destiny based on their cosmic plan. It beholds powerful characteristics, symbolizing strength, willpower, and the capability to drive desire into reality. Mars‘s influences are … Read more

Mars Mahadasha with Mars Antardasha

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mars houses the warrior archetype – in mapping astrological charts, the blend of houses and signs can provide a vivid panorama of passions, ambitions, and energies. If Mars were placed in the cardinal signs, it typically signifies an individual who possesses a naturally dominant demeanor and propensity to lead. These individuals may be drawn towards … Read more

Mars in Aries

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Mars in Aries is a powerful position for the planet Mars, as it is posited in its own Rashi sign. Mars owns two Rashi signs viz, Aries and Scorpio in the Zodiac. The planet of activity, valour, courage, physical strength and aggression when posited in the natural 1st house, gives the person tremendous energy … Read more

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