8th Lord in 12th House

Reading Time: 7 minutes 8th & 12th Houses in Astrology The 8th House, also referred to as Ayur Bhava, communicates the unpredictability of life, hence it is often descry as ‘Mystical’. Furthermore, it underscores aspects like longevity, unexpected gains, obscurity, transformation, and regeneration. Although it drapes the darker elements of human existence, there remains a potent force that drives … Read more

8th Lord in 11th House

Reading Time: 4 minutes The 8th Lord The 8th House in astrology is often regarded as mysterious, a gateway that opens to the unknowable. Influenced heavily by the planet Mars and the sign of Scorpio, the 8th House rules over aspects such as transformation, longevity, and rejuvenation. Firstly, it’s imperative to understand the role of a “House Lord” in … Read more

8th Lord in the 10th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in the 10th house results in mixed outcomes and, as we used to say about the 8th house, the hidden, unconventional and mysterious side of human life is covered by this house. We all have this shady side of life where unknown fears, secrets, fantasies and unexpected events take place. The other side … Read more

8th Lord in the 9th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in the 9th house is a tough planetary combination. However, the involvement of the 8th house in a planetary combination is known as mysterious, complex and unpredictable because of its basic character. 8th house always works on extremes depending on the strength and dignity of this house. Unexpected life transformations are another character … Read more

8th Lord in 7th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in the 7th house is a tough and difficult planetary combination which says about keeping a careful, balanced lifestyle and practicing ethical methods in social and professional life. The connection of 8th Lord with the 7th house is another evil house of 12th, which is creating more difficulties with this association. Bond between … Read more

8th Lord in 8th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in the 8th house is known as Sarala Vipareet Raja Yoga and it is considered one of the strong and effective vipareet raja yogas because of its nature and aspects. So this planetary combination can yield sudden fortunes, fame and skills. However, the 8th house is a strong trik sthana or evil house, … Read more

8th Lord in 6th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes     8th Lord in the 6th house is producing a powerful vipareet raja yoga because of its special upachaya house connections between 6th and 8th houses. Here the 6th house is making a 3rd house connection with the 8th and the 8th Lord is making an 11th house connection with the 6th house. A … Read more

8th Lord in 5th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in the 5th house is a challenging planetary placement and also considered as unexpected fortunes and wealth. As with any 8th house matters, the outcome becomes more unpredictable and mysterious and deeply depends on the planets involved and the condition of this planetary combination. The 8th house represents secrets, hidden treasure, occult wisdom … Read more

8th Lord in 4th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in 4th house is a complex and mysterious position which offers both positive and negative results to the native. When ever we judge matters related to 8th house, it is not an effortless task to get to a conclusion as the 8th house itself shows mystery, hidden secrets, unearthed wealth, unexpected events, longevity, … Read more

8th Lord in 3rd House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 8th Lord in 3rd house is a difficult position and can give some challenges, obstacles and troubles to the native. The events and results of this planetary combination mostly depend on the dignity of the planets involved, i.e., the 3rd and 8th Lords and their respective houses. The primary reason behind the negativity is the … Read more

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