2nd Lord in 12th House

Reading Time: 4 minutes Understanding Dhanesha in Vyayasthana In Vedic Astrology, the 2nd House is often referred to as the house of wealth and family, associated with material possessions and accumulated resources. It refers primarily to aspects such as self-worth, personal assets, and financial security. Hence, when delving into the implications of the 2nd Lord’s placement, it intertwines with … Read more

Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 2nd House

Reading Time: 5 minutes Examination of the 2nd House Often referred to as Dhan Bhava, the Second House serves primarily as an emblem of wealth and resources. Nonetheless, it is paramount to comprehend that the wealth in this context transcends the merely economic perspective. It is diverse, encompassing physical assets, intellectual capital, emotional richness, and spiritual wealth. A study … Read more

2nd Lord in the 11th House

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2nd Lord, in the 11th house, is a positive placement, which is comparable to dhana yoga or a planetary combination of wealth and prosperity. The association of dhana bhava (2nd house) with the house of income and gains (11th house) will definitely bring wealth and prosperity to the native. Since the 2nd Lord is creating … Read more

2nd Lord in the 10th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes The 2nd Lord in 10th house is an auspicious planetary combination, and it carries many specialities when compared to other placements of 2nd Lord. 10th house represents karma, father, name and fame, awards and honours, justice, wealth and prosperity, leadership qualities, higher authority, etc. while the second house represents fixed assets, wealth, speech, voice, family, … Read more

2nd Lord in 9th House

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2nd Lord in 9th house is a kind of dhana yoga combination which can confer riches and wealth to the native if this combination is well placed. 2nd house, which is known as Dhana bhava when coupled with bagya sthana or 9th house, produces auspicious results related to 2nd house matters. The 2nd house represents … Read more

2nd Lord in 8th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2nd Lord in the 8th house is a planetary combination which gives mixed results and it depends on the condition of the 2nd and 8th Lords and houses. A well placed 2nd Lord in the 8th house can bring abundant wealth just like having a Dhana yoga in the horoscope. Whereas an afflicted placement can … Read more

2nd Lord in 7th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2nd Lord in 7th house shows positive results in most cases unless it is heavily afflicted. The dhana bhava, which represents the primary wealth and fixed assets of the native, when combined with the house of desire and a Kendra bhava, natural results will be promising. The challenging elements under this planetary combination is the … Read more

2nd Lord in 6th House

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2nd Lord in the 6th house is a difficult position in a larger picture. However, a closer analysis of this planetary combination will reveal many promising details. Both 2nd and 6th are Arth trikons (trine of wealth) and 2nd house is creating an auspicious 5th house connection with the 6th house which will increase the … Read more

2nd Lord in 5th House

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2nd Lord in the 5th house is an auspicious planetary placement showing wealth, gains, intelligence and family comforts. The 5th house represents progeny, intelligence, purva punya (past life good deeds), Mantras, speculations, justice, love and emotions, etc. While 2nd house represents family, wealth, fixed assets, voice, speech, facial features, learning capabilities, food intake, etc. When … Read more

2nd Lord in 4th House

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2nd Lord in 4th house shows almost similar traits as Lagna Lord in the 4th house. This Planetary combination is also considered a favourable one. The 2nd house denotes family, fixed assets, personal wealth, facial features, speech and voice, food intakes, etc. When the 2nd Lord associates with the 4th house, representing mother, house, properties, … Read more

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