12th Lord in 12th House

Understanding of 12th Lord in 12th House Bearing a crucial weight in astrological interpretation, the 12th lord in the 12th house is considered a powerful placement. As archaic wisdom suggests, the 12th house corresponds to the subconscious mind, dreams, liberation, expenses, and lost articles. When the lord of this house is located within its own … Read more

12th Lord in 11th House

Meaning of the 12th Lord Often misunderstood and sometimes feared, the 12th House in vedic astrology carries profound deeper meanings and influences that go beyond a surface glance. Playing the role of a significant ‘hidden’ character, the 12th Lord provides fresh and unique insights into the native’s life. Plumbing the depths of this mystical house … Read more

12th Lord in the 10th House

12th Lord in the 10th house is a difficult planetary placement, which may produce mixed results or negative results. Even though the 12th Lord is placed in 11th from its own house, which denotes gains, the Lord of the house of losses and expenses may create a certain level of havoc in matters related to … Read more

12th Lord in the 9th House

12th Lord in 9th house produces mixed results and primarily depends on a person’s lifestyle and Karma. As you know, according to the Kaal purush horoscope, both 9th and 12th houses are the abode of the most beneficial and dharmic planet Jupiter. So there is a special relationship between 9th and 12th house in astrology. … Read more

12th Lord in 8th House

12th Lord in the 8th house is a balanced planetary position even though two strong evil houses are involved. The planetary combination here is creating a vipareet raja yoga, which will be beneficial for the native. Unlike the association of 6th Lord in the 8th house, which is also creating a vipareet raja yoga, this … Read more

12th Lord in 7th House

12th Lord in the 7th house can be a difficult planetary combination for the native if there are no other supporting factors like favourable alternate lordship of the same planet, another beneficial planet’s aspect or conjunction, etc. In such positive placement, the native will get proper support from other beneficial planets to streamline and take … Read more

12th Lord in 6th House

12th Lord in 6th house produces mixed results with both positive and negative outcomes. The major highlight of this planetary combination is the formation of a vipareet raja yoga as one trik house lord is posited in another trik house. Vipareet Raja yoga work in principles of same forces negate and neutralize each other. So … Read more

12th Lord in 5th House

12th Lord in the 5th house is a complex planetary position which can deliver both negative and positive results based on the dignity of the planets involved and the Karma of the person. The 12th house is known as trik sthana, dusthana or bad house, which gives the native challenges and trouble in their worldly … Read more

12th Lord in 4th House

12th Lord in 4th house is a difficult position as 12th house denotes losses, Moksha, isolation and detachments. The association of such a house with 4th which shows, mother, vehicles, properties, house, domestic happiness, emotions, education, etc. will bring trouble, obstacles, hardships and losses. According to Vedic astrology classics, this planetary combination is not a … Read more

12th Lord in 3rd House

12th Lord in 3rd house is a difficult placement and in most cases, native will have to face many emotional struggles. Since the 12th house is a dusthana or bad house, showing losses, the association made with 3rd house may create some chaos in life. However, as in every difficult planetary disposition, there will be … Read more

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