Decoding Navarathri: An Astrological Perspective

Translating from Sanskrit as ‘nine nights,’ Navarathri is importantly characterized by a successive observance of nine nights dedicated to the Divine Feminine. The cosmic correlation of this event originates from the very essence of Hindu cosmology, which persuasively recognizes the universe as the manifestations of Divine Energy or Shakti. This philosophical tenet parallels the scientific … Read more

Astrological Factors Influencing Excessive Drinking

“Astrology doesn’t offer explicit determinations, rather insights that could precipitate a much-needed introspection, or an intervention.“ For hundreds of years, cultural and historical traditions have associated certain astrological signs with distinct traits, ostensibly linked to behavioral patterns such as excessive drinking. However, the legitimacy of such beliefs, despite their deep-rooted history, remains a subject of … Read more

Powerful Yogas for a Successful Legal Profession in Vedic Astrology

A deeper introspection into Vedic Astrology brings us to the concept of ‘karmic law’ that draws notable parallels with the field of law itself. Karmic law, central to many Eastern philosophies and the interpretive framework of Vedic astrology, espouses inevitable consequences for individual actions. Similarly, the legal profession centers on the enforcement and interpretation of … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Marana Karaka Sthana in Your Horoscope

Marana Karaka Sthana, which may initially sound ominous but is actually a strikingly insightful concept. This term translates to the ‘death-inflicting planetary position’. It might sound daunting, but it doesn’t prophesize doom. Instead, It represents areas in one’s life where they may face challenges or struggle based on the planetary positions in their birth chart. … Read more

Impacts of Grahan Yoga on Social Life: An In-depth Analysis

At its nucleus, Grahan Yoga is a portentous star alignment that is believed to correspond to adversities in multiple spheres of life depending on its location within a birth chart. It is a Sanskrit term where “Grahan” signifies ‘eclipse’ and ‘Yoga’ means ‘combination’. Understandably, it is a constellation occurring due to the influence of two … Read more

Enlightenment in Vedic Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

Throughout the ages, countless individuals have sought out the path leading to spiritual enlightenment, pursuing self-awareness and fulfillment beyond the confines of the materialistic world. Delving into the profound realm of Vedic astrology, this ancient wisdom provides a enlightening lens to comprehend our spiritual journey and progression. As a multi-faceted cosmic framework, Vedic astrology illuminates … Read more

Understanding Gajakesari Yoga in Different Houses

Gajakesari Yoga is an intriguing phenomenon that has deep implications in the realm of astrology, creating a distinctive subfield within the study of celestial objects and their effects. Gajakesari Yoga is one of the more popular yogas in Vedic astrology, known for bringing prosperity, power and high administrative positions to the native. It is of … Read more

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