2nd Lord in the 11th House

2nd Lord, in the 11th house, is a positive placement, which is comparable to dhana yoga or a planetary combination of wealth and prosperity. The association of dhana bhava (2nd house) with the house of income and gains (11th house) will definitely bring wealth and prosperity to the native. Since the 2nd Lord is creating a 10th house connection with the 11th house, the planetary combination is considered very strong and auspicious in terms of artha or materialistic aspect. This planetary combination is creating an Artha (2nd house) – Artha (10th house connection) – Kaama (11th house) trikon association. The partnership of Artha and Kaama always creates a strong desire to make wealth and assets within the native. These people will be very focused on their career, profession and business. The Upachaya nature of the 11th house may impose a certain level of challenges and struggles during their early days in career.

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The 2nd house represents speech, fixed assets, wealth, vocal cord, facial features, family, food intake, etc. While 11th house represents elder siblings, incomes, gains, large communities, friendships, social networks, overcoming challenges, fighting enemies, fulfilling desires and goals, etc. The native, with this planetary combination, may choose multiple sources of income and they usually keep it as confidential. However, their Karma and activities will be righteous and ethical and will be inclined towards promoting a healthy work environment among others. The 10th house connection of the 2nd house also indicates their way of implementing discipline withing their family. Even though they seem to be strict and inflexible among their family members, they are very friendly and supportive in their home and among their loved ones.

Since 11th house represents social network and friends, these people will always be attached to their friends and they will be a part of their personal life. There are chances the native create income through social network like social media influencers and bloggers. Their speech will be notable and can influence the mass. However, they may also use sharp tones during unexpecting moments. They are good in communication and conveying ideas to others. 11th house is about fulfilling one’s wishes and dreams. So the 2nd Lord in there will make sure that the person will fulfill their financial plans and dreams. They will maintain a cordial relationship with their elder siblings.

Note: Reading of the birth chart should not be made solely based on individual houses and the position of their Lords, as you may land in contradicting analysis and serious flaws.

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