2nd Lord in 9th House

2nd Lord in 9th House

2nd Lord in 9th house is a kind of dhana yoga combination which can confer riches and wealth to the native if this combination is well placed. 2nd house, which is known as Dhana bhava when coupled with bagya sthana or 9th house, produces auspicious results related to 2nd house matters. The 2nd house represents family, fixed assets, wealth, speech, practical wisdom, voice, food intake, etc. While 9th house represents father, higher education and wisdom, long distance travel, fortune, wealth, religion and faith, righteousness, etc. When 2nd Lord is associated with the 9th house, it is creating an 8th house connection of a Moksha trikon. The Artha trikon of the 2nd house, when combined with Dharma trikon of 9th through a Moksha trikon connection, can make the person righteous in the matters of accumulating wealth.

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The native will be wealthy and kind in their speech. They will spend wealth on religious pursuits and pilgrimages. Even though they are religious, they may not actively display interests in traditional religious practices. The 8th house connection makes their religious inclination towards seeking or digging the deeper and unexplored side of spirituality. However, their spiritual energy will be strong. They will be intelligent and possess higher level of practical wisdom mainly through their own research, travels and interactions with various cultures. Since 9th house represents father, the native’s father will be financially successful. The 6th Р8th house connection is, however, a negative thing in between the relationship of the native and their father. However, they will keep family tradition and give their respects to the elders in the family.

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The 8th house connection also makes this combination unpredictable. If the association of 2nd and 9th houses has an influence of 8th house, then the 8th house energies may get an extra boost over this placement. The native will witness an abundant wealth at some point in their life but they will also experience unexpected tests and trials in matters of wealth and family. They will only get the wealth, luxuries and comforts after going through a struggling phase in their life or through a self realization and transformation about their spiritual knowledge.

Note: Reading of the birth chart should not be made solely based on individual houses and the position of their Lords. As you may land in contradicting analysis and serious flaws.

Planetary analysis in the article is based on positive or ideal placement of a planet in a sign or house. When a planet or house is afflicted by the malefic aspect, dustana house, malefic conjunction etc, the results will be different and sometimes entirely opposing.

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