2nd Lord in 7th House

2nd Lord in 7th House

2nd Lord in 7th house shows positive results in most cases unless it is heavily afflicted. The dhana bhava, which represents the primary wealth and fixed assets of the native, when combined with the house of desire and a Kendra bhava, natural results will be promising. The challenging elements under this planetary combination is the fact that both 2nd and 7th are known as Maraka sthanas or Killer houses. Another point is in the connection which is made by 2nd Lord with the 7th house. The 6th house connection here shows challenges, struggles, litigation and arguments and the same can be expected in the native’s family and marital life at some point. However, the negative effects of the 6th house will not be damaging one unless the planetary combination is further afflicted. The 2nd house represents fixed assets, wealth, family, facial features, voice, speech, food intakes, etc. While 7th house represents marriage union, spouse, partnerships, foreign settlement, partnership business, public image and fame, sexuality, etc.

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Strong Arth trikon (trine of wealth) energies of 2nd and 6th along with gradual growth of upachaya (6th connection) when coupled with Kaam trikon (trine of desire) aspect of 7th house creates a firm determination towards acquiring materialistic comforts and luxuries. If this planetary placement is afflicted, then the native may show overindulgence in matters of the 7th house like sensuality, sex and pleasure. Their moral living may go wrong due the 6th house influence and may spend wealth for their personal pleasure and opposite sex. Even though the connection of the 7th house with 2nd is good in terms of wealth from in-laws, it can also create a level of disputes and struggles in the family. Since family is represented through 2nd house and marital life through 7th, this planetary combination can create legal troubles, litigation or arguments between the couple, if the planets are not well placed. An afflicted combination can also cause extra-marital relations and another marriage or relationship. The Maraka energies of 7th and 2nd house are also not good for health-related matters and it is imperative that the native should choose a healthy lifestyle without addictions or any sort of unhealthy practices.

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As with any difficult planetary combination, here also some sweet spot hidden which, if the native explores, can gain immense wealth, fame and reputation, especially after their marriage and through the support of their spouse. If the native channelizes the Arth trikon and Kaam trikon energies in the righteous direction, they will gain wealth and comforts through their determination and hard work. This planetary position says about having a cordial and harmonious relationship with the spouse, avoiding any unnecessary arguments in order to activate the positive energies of 2nd, 6th and 7th houses. The native will be gifted with their power of speech, which can influence and attract the masses. A strong planetary combination here also shows a supportive and caring spouse and a happy family life.

Note: Reading of the birth chart should not be made solely based on individual houses and the position of their Lords. As you may land in contradicting analysis and serious flaws.

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