2nd Lord in 6th House

2nd Lord in 6th House

2nd Lord in the 6th house is a difficult position in a larger picture. However, a closer analysis of this planetary combination will reveal many promising details. Both 2nd and 6th are Arth trikons (trine of wealth) and 2nd house is creating an auspicious 5th house connection with the 6th house which will increase the past life karma goodness and blessings in their financial and family life. The upachaya character of the 6th house is also a positive thing here and the native will witness a constant growth of wealth after an initial struggle and challenges. The 6th house represents enemies, illness, litigation, services, challenges, debt, employment, etc. While 2nd house represents family, fixed assets and personal wealth, speech, voice, facial features, food intakes, etc. Even though there are many positive traits hidden in this planetary combination, as we have seen in this paragraph, not all planets can juice out all of its goodness. A natural benefic planet performs well in a trik sthana even though the results will be slower. However, a natural malefic, if acts wisely and patiently in a trik sthana, can do wonders compared to a natural benefic. So it all depends on how the person acts upon their life situations.

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The 2nd Lord in the 6th house can make the native focus on acquiring wealth in an unethical means. They may also land in financial disputes and litigations through unwise borrowing and loans. They may choose a lifestyle which will harm their physical health and may lose wealth and social acceptance because of this. Troubles from enemies and competition may upset them and there are chances of losses through speculation and share market businesses. So as you can see, there are many things under this planetary combination which will harm the native to its maximum because the 2nd house is also a maraka house (killer house) which has the power to annihilate certain matters associated with the house it contacts. Then how this planetary combination is gaining wealth, fame, prosperity and success?. It purely depends on the decision we make related to 6th house matters and the lifestyle and character we choose. For example, an Aquarius ascendant will gain much wealth and acceptance through their righteousness and patience as Jupiter is becoming exalted in the 6th house. For Aries ascendant, the debilitated Venus in the 6th house may not control their overindulgence, critical nature and argumentative character, which will spoil their financial platform. Look at Capricorn ascendant where Lagna Lord and 2nd Lord is in the 6th house. Here, the native will be the sole responsible character for their financial failure and financial prosperity. Because Saturn as the Lagna lord and 2nd Lord in the 6th house has higher control over the matters related to 6th house compared to any other ascendant signs. They can either destroy or create financial wonders in their life, and it all depends on how they face challenging situations in life. Saturn can become extremely patient, hardworking, ambitious, and wise. If afflicted, it can become exactly the opposite.

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The catch behind the dhana yoga under this combination lies in the way we approach the matters of the 6th house. The arth trikon, 5th house connection, and upachaya character of this planetary combination points exactly towards a promising wealth. Facing the challenges, servitude, righteous and ethical living, patience and wise decisions are the key essence to gain wealth out of this planetary combination else the native may see multiple downfalls as mentioned in the above para.

Note: Reading of the birth chart should not be made solely based on individual houses and the position of their Lords. As you may land in contradicting analysis and serious flaws.

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