2nd Lord in 4th House

2nd Lord in 4th House

2nd Lord in 4th house shows almost similar traits as Lagna Lord in the 4th house. This Planetary combination is also considered a favourable one. The 2nd house denotes family, fixed assets, personal wealth, facial features, speech and voice, food intakes, etc. When the 2nd Lord associates with the 4th house, representing mother, house, properties, general happiness, basic education, vehicles, mind set etc, the native will be financially successful and they will be usually born and raised in a comfortable home environment. These people will be financially independent too. Since 2nd Lord is making a 3rd house connection with the 4th house (2nd Lord is in 3rd position from its own sign), the result will be bit challenging. Meaning, the native has to put some efforts to achieve success in matters related to 4th house.

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The 3rd house, which is an Upachaya house, shows constant and steady growth over the time. So these natives will achieve higher success if they are ready to work hard. This planetary position is especially good for people who are engaged in automotive or real estate business, as these businesses will witness constant growth over the time. However, they may also see hurdles and challenges during the initial phase. The planetary combination is also good for getting good maternal support. The native will keep a good relation with their mother. Even though they are money minded, they will be ready to spend enough for the progress of their family. They will also spend wealth for their personal luxuries. Their inner skills and talents will be effectively used for financial gains. These natives will also be good in communication and convincing others with their speech.

The combination of Arth trikon (2nd house) with Moksha trikon (4th house) is complex, as materialistic thoughts and spirituality do not easily get along with each other. So it is imperative that these natives should practice righteousness, selflessness, and spirituality. They should also be kind and compassionate towards the needy or less privileged people. The 3rd house connection makes the person courageous and stand for their family. They will keep a protective mentality towards their property, assets, and vehicles.

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Since 2nd Lord carries the Maraka aspects, the native should not activate the negative qualities of 2nd Lord through their own character and lifestyle. For example, a Capricorn ascendent, Saturn becomes the 2nd Lord and while in the 4th house, it is debilitated. Here in this case, if the person is lazy, impatient, rude, unjust or arrogant, the Maraka (killer planet) aspect of Saturn will be very prominent and can negatively affect the person and their mother.

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