Guru-Chandal Yoga, Ganesha Yoga, Yogini Yoga and crorepati yoga – How it affects our lives

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Guru Chandal Yoga is a much-discussed topic in Vedic Astrology. The general views regarding Rahu as a malefic and dangerous planet are changing exceptionally, especially in this modern day where virtual and AI are taking the upper hand. At least for someone interested in making money and loves their worldly life, Rahu is their favourite planet. Guru Chandal Yoga is formed in one’s horoscope when Jupiter and Rahu are in conjunction or mutually aspects each other (should be the 7th house aspect).

A person with such yoga in their horoscope can be anyone who thinks out of the box or like to question the traditions. They can be atheists, activists, or people who criticize the shadow side of spirituality. (If Jupiter is in its enemy sign (Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra) and Rahu is situated in its enemy Rashi and houses other than the 3rd, 10th, or 11th, then Guru-Chandal Yoga may produce some undesirable results.) So as you can see, this yoga is not as harmful as it seems when people live for their materialistic gains and fulfilment during this Kali Yuga.

Even a person who proclaims themselves as spiritual or mystic through mass media or modern-day digital network platforms has tremendous positive influence from both Rahu and Jupiter. Here Jupiter promotes spiritual wisdom and enlightens the person. At the same time, Rahu acts as a catalyst who dig deeper into research and position themselves in the centre stage and limelight by utilizing the power of Jupiter for worldly purposes.

Jupiter-Ketu conjunction

Jupiter-Ketu conjunction is also considered as Guru-Chandal Yoga by Astrologers from previous generations. However, modern-day astrologers keep a different view based on deeper analysis and studies regarding the shadow planets and their characters. Jupiter and Ketu’s partnership is different from Jupiter – Rahu. Jupiter and Ketu share almost the exact nature regarding spirituality and wisdom.

Jupiter represents spiritual wisdom as well as wealth, whereas Ketu is entirely spiritual who refuses worldly attachments, wealth and materialism. Ketu is, however, logical and analytical, and when it combines with Jupiter, a perfect formula with the right blend of wealth, wisdom, spirituality, insight, intuition and intelligence is formed.

The Jupiter-Ketu conjunction (mutual aspect is not counted here as Ketu do not cast any aspect) is also known as Ganesha Yoga, Yogini Yoga and Kela Yoga (Kela yoga is also known as crorepati yoga in South India). All these yogas related to the Jupiter-Ketu conjunction say about spiritual intelligence, intuition, kundalini shakti, wealth and prosperity.

Ganesha Vs Chandal Yoga

Why Ganesha Yoga or Kela Yoga is seen as Guru-Chandal Yoga?. The answer is in the placement of planets, Jupiter and Rahu. When Ganesha Yoga is formed in a horoscope, Guru-Chandal yoga is also formed simultaneously by the mutual aspect of Jupiter and Rahu. But the power of Jupiter is so high by the conjunction of Ketu, that Rahu’s influence over the Guru-Chandal yoga is diminished to a great extent. So it is crucial for the Ganesha Yoga to be clean and positive without any affliction from enemy Rashi, Saturn or Venus. Else the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu will get disturbed and will not be able to counter the malefic power of Rahu.

In mythology, Ketu is the headless dragon or the tail portion of the cosmic serpent. So the energy of Ketu is to ‘see’ by its soul as there are no eyes. A person with the right combination of Ganesha Yoga may only get the positive results of abundance if they accept the world as Ketu sees it. A strong Ketu and Jupiter, if present in one’s horoscope, forming a Ganesha yoga, can be seen as a boon and sometimes as a curse. Since both planets are strongly connected with the cosmic world without any illusions, the native with such yoga must realize their life’s true purpose. Such a powerful conjunction of the two most spiritual and intelligent planets can make you a highly powerful and successful being or destroy every worldly possession you have if you are not in tune with spiritual enlightenment.

Pros and Cons

Guru-Chandal yoga or Ganesha yoga can give you both negative and positive results, depending on the placement of these planets in the horoscope. To get the best results out of Ganesha yoga, the person has to go through self-enlightenment and spiritual transformation. Moksha trikon houses of 4th, 8th and 12 are powerful places for Jupiter and Ketu. At the same time, these planets need to avoid enemy signs and the influence of other malefic planets. Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces are good for Ganesha Yoga. If Ganesha yoga is formed in a Moksha Trikon along with friendly signs, then the positive effects of Ganesha Yoga can be witnessed. The excellent place / position for Ganesha Yoga or Kela Yoga is 4th house under the sign of Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio. Here both Ganesha and Guru-Chandal Yoga provides the best of both Yogas.

Note: Astrological yoga or dosh or a planetary combination which specifically mentions about the conjunction of planets need to fulfil certain rules of conjunction and that is the conjunction distance between the planets. If the distance between planets is over 15 degrees or too close to each other, which creates a graha yudha (planetary war), then it is not considered as conjunct.

But this rule only applies to natural planets and not to shadow planets. Shadow planets functions in a different plane or dimension of planetary energy. Rahu and Ketu, do not enter into a planetary war with other planets, even if it is too close to the planet. It only considers the house and sign it is sitting.

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