All About Pisces Ascendant-born Man

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All About Pisces Ascendant-born Man

Pisces is the natural 12th house of the Zodiac. The Sign represents liberation, spirituality and Moksha. The primary characteristics of Pisces are out of this world and beyond the understanding of humans during their lifespan, so this Sign carries a lot of mystery. A Pisces ascendant-born Man is the dreamer of the Zodiac and has a tremendous amount of imagination.

They are creative and talented in arts and literature. Since Jupiter lords the Sign, these people possess a wide range of knowledge and wisdom. Even younger, Pisces Man shows maturity regarding knowledge and wisdom. They enjoy their freedom, and anything that comes between their free-will will be eliminated or avoided, even if it is their close friends or contacts. 

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Like the fish sign symbolizes, they dive deep into the mysterious ocean of dreams and are pretty intuitive about the feelings of others around them. Like a Scorpio Male, they have a charismatic aura that can easily attract the opposite sex towards them. Calmness, kindness and compassionate nature are their special character traits. It is a rare thing for a Pisces Man to lose his temper. Their imaginations may not match the real-world events in most cases, and so there are chances these people may fall into depression at some point.

They need to learn to focus on the practical side of life and make things real instead of dreaming them off. Of course, this Sign will aid a lot if they are into a creative profession like writing, creative arts etc. Usually, Pisces Man finds it hard to get a lock on what they really need in life. Once their focus is fixed, then they can do wonders in this world.

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