All About Cancer Ascendant-born Man

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All About Cancer Ascendant-born Man

Cancer-born-ascendants are all about providing care, nurturing, and love to those around them. The Moon, which represents motherhood, is associated with the sign of Cancer. They are capable of daydreaming, having vivid imaginations, and effortlessly attracting women with their sweet and endearing demeanour. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, which has influence over a person’s mind and thoughts; therefore, people born under this sign tend to have a more sensitive approach to their thought process.

They have difficulty communicating their emotions to other people, and the majority of the time, they choose to keep their private thoughts to themselves. This is true even when they believe that other people are aware of their feelings. In most instances, they would rather judge a situation based on their feelings than on the logical conclusions that can be drawn from it.

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Family is the most important thing in their life, and even though they strive to keep the peace at home, there are times when they take their role as a strict father very seriously. They are also individuals who put in a lot of effort every day and desire success and wealth for their families. Males born under the influence of the Cancer ascendant are known for their gentle and sensitive nature.

Even if they have high standards for the people they choose to spend the rest of their lives with, they will never be demanding or show it. They prefer a partner who is more mature in attitude rather than being romantic and demanding in love because Saturn is the seventh lord and Capricorn is the samasapthama (descendant) sign of Cancer. [Capricorn is the sign that Cancer is descended from.

They are born with higher IQs and have a strong intuitive understanding of the way humans think. Even though they are very good at determining the true intentions and thought processes of other people, they will never criticise or judge others in front of others. Ascendants born under the sign of the Cancerian crab are prone to emotional outbursts and mood swings. They typically maintain their idealism in a reserved manner.

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