Karakas or Significators in Vedic Astrology

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Karakas or Significators in Vedic Astrology

Karaka means ‘the planet which causes certain matters’ or in other words which becomes a significator of a certain matter.

Sthira Karaka or ‘Fixed Significators’ are presided over by Lord Shiva and are represented by 7 out of 9 planets (excluding the two shadows planets Rahu and Ketu). Lord Shiva represents the physical body and that is the reason why shadow planets are excluded. Sthira Karaka is not used in predictive Astrology and is only used to predict the timing of death in most cases. Since predictions of death are not made by the majority of Astrologers these days, Sthira Karakas are not in use like early days.

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Below is Sthira Karakas:

  • Strong planet in Sun or Venus becomes the Karaka of Father
  • The strong planet on Moon or Mars becomes the Karaka of Mother
  • Mars becomes the Karaka of Younger siblings and Spouse’s Siblings
  • Mercury becomes the Karaka of Maternal relatives
  • Jupiter becomes the karaka of Husband, Son, and paternal relatives
  • Venus becomes the karaka of Wife, parents-in-law, maternal grandparents
  • Saturn becomes the karaka of Elder siblings

Chara Karaka or ‘Variable significators’ are presided over by Lord Vishnu and represented by 8 out of 9 planets excluding Ketu. As Lord Vishnu is responsible for a person’s sustenance and progression of Life, all the planets except Ketu which is representing Moksha become part of this. Chara Karaka is used to analyse worldly matters like Astrology yoga predictions and Raja Yoga predictions.

Below are Chara Karakas: (Planet with the highest degree becomes 1st in the order)

  • Atma Karaka – Becomes Self
  • Amatya Karaka – Becomes Minister (or primary motivator of self)
  • Bhratri Karaka – Becomes Siblings
  • Matri Karaka – Becomes Mother
  • Pitri Karaka – Becomes Father
  • Puthra Karaka – Becomes Children
  • Jnaathi Karaka – Becomes Enemies or Rivals
  • Dhara Karka – Becomes Spouse

There is one more Karaka Named Naisargika Karaka or ‘Natural Significators’ which is presided over by Brahma and represented by all 9 planets.

  • 1st house – Sun
  • 2nd house – Jupiter
  • 3rd house – Mars
  • 4th house – Moon
  • 5th house – Jupiter
  • 6th house – Mars
  • 7th house – Venus
  • 8th house – Saturn
  • 9th house – Jupiter
  • 10th house – Mercury
  • 11th house – Jupiter
  • 12th house – Saturn

In the above Naisargika Karaka, each planet represents matters related to a specific Bhava or house. Suppose you need to analyse matters related to the mother, then the 4th house (house of the mother) from Moon can be used and the 7th house (house of the spouse) from Venus will say about one’s spouse.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all these three karakas are utilized in a distinct way in astrology and cannot be mixed up during a single chart analysis. Astrologers should be well aware of the character of the karaka he/she is utilizing for chart analysis. For example, Chara karaka is used to identify the specific matter by seeing the specific karaka planet. like if Mercury is representing dhara karaka, then Mercury itself is taken to study matters related to a spouse. whereas in Naisargika Karaka the Planet Venus can be taken to study matters related to the 7th house. Both scenarios are different here. So mixing up Karakas may lead to serious flaws in chart analysis and one must be careful.

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