Marriage during Ketu Maha Dasha

Marriage during Ketu Maha Dasha


Ketu is a planet of uncertainty, isolation and confusion. Ketu is the only planet out of this karmic plane representing reality and spirituality. Marriage is a worldly event happening in one’s life, and instead of detachment, it brings in more attachments and connections. Each Mahadasha in a person’s life teaches a valuable lesson. If we are ready to accept its teaching rather than seeing a planet as a mere malefic planet, we will ultimately suffer. There is a teaching from Lord Shiva saying ‘Karm Karo magar vairagya bankar’ means do your Karma or duties in life but do not get attached to it. Ketu, as a true spiritual planet, teaches us this principle. 

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Marriage is not an enemy of Ketu. But your mind may become something which is filled with doubts or may look for something else which you urself may not know. Your focus may not get revealed, and sometimes you will not know what exactly you need most in your life. 
You may try to avoid the crowd or your dear ones. Keep one important fact about Ketu in mind: Ketu is not a malefic planet like other malefics. This statement is evident from various marriage compatibility calculations where Ketu is not considered a malefic planet.

For example, in South Indian compatibility logic, the most accurate check is carried out using a technique known as Paapasamyam where the weightage points are given by checking the overall influence of the malefic planet’s placements in the couple’s horoscope. Here, in general, Ketu is not considered a malefic planet. 

True spirituality always gets confused in the first place, which is why many astrologers see this planet as another dangerous malefic like Rahu, Saturn, Sun and Mars. All the nine planets are meant to guide us in this living world and are not created by the supreme Gods to spoil our lives. If we believe in this fact, it will be easy for us to look closer at these planets and understand what they are trying to teach us. Try to understand the character of Ketu and apply the positives in our lives; even the marital life will be filled with happiness and bliss

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