How to strengthen the Moon in my Birth Horoscope

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How to strengthen the Moon in my Birth Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, Mind is controlled by Moon which is famous for it’s ‘different phases’ each day. This unstable nature is very much affecting and also helping the lives and earthly activities without our knowledge, directly or indirectly. An afflicted Moon in a horoscope will make a person not able to be in full control of his/her mind.

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This fast-moving character of the Moon is making our mind not to stick to anything for a long time. Because if we get attached to a certain emotion, then it leads to an unstable mind and may cause depression. Saturn is something very opposite to Moon by being very Cold, with no light from Sun and is slowest in moving. Saturn’s place is also the exact opposite of the Moon. A parivarthan (exchange of places) between planets is more powerful and sometimes most dangerous (if the exchange between bad houses and good houses) than usual aspects and conjunctions.

Here Moon and Saturn as lords of Kendra and a Thrikon is exchanging the houses which means sharing of energies and that is causing Moon to suffer. Like Saturn you are too slow in moving on from life events (whether good or bad) Here Saturn is forcing Moon to be like Saturn, because through Venus’s conjunction, here Saturn is more powerful than Moon even though these three planets are posited in their enemy house.

You must avoid Black colors and strengthen your Moon by Meditation and since Moon is 9th lord, travelling will soothe your Moon and also visit some Holy places or pilgrim places.

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