Importance of Bhava Chalit Chart in Horoscope Analysis

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Importance of Bhava Chalit Chart in Horoscope Analysis

Bhavam Chart or Chalit chart is one of the most important things an astrologer should not avoid while analysing a horoscope. The most popular method of creating a bhavam chart is by making Lagna as the mid-point and then calculating the houses with the start of the house 15 degrees before the Lagna degree and the end of the house 15 degrees after the Lagna degree. In most cases, we may notice a shift of planets in position in the house. The Bhavam chart is only used to check the position of the house. This means, that the Chart is only indicating the Bhava or houses. Signs and other matters such as Drishti, where the planet is situated are still analyzed using Rashi chart.

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Can we simply depend on the Bhavam chart alone for judging the position of the house? – Well it is not at all advised. Usually, a person experiences the results of the Bhavam Chart very strongly during the latter part of life or in other words when planets grow towards their maturity.

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Bhava Chalit Chart does have its importance, especially if there is a ‘visible shift’ or movement seen in a Bhava chart compared to Rashi Chart. Just because a planet has moved to another house in the bhava chart does not confer to predict according to the house seen in the Bhava chart. As I mentioned earlier, ‘visible shift (not literally visible)’ needs to be present in all three important charts ie. D1, D9, and Bhava Chalit. For example, when a planet is vargottam or bhavottam under D1 and D9 and a shift is noticed in the chalit chart, then it is advised to look for possibilities of both Rashi and bhavam chart. This means, the native will be experiencing results from both charts and the bhavam chart will take prominence over the Rashi chart as time progresses.

Predictions can go wrong in a bad way if we ignore one chart or give priority to one particular chart. If you see a change under the Bhava Chalit chart, it is highly recommended not to ignore it.

One must keep in mind that houses, signs, conjunctions, aspects, etc are not giving out results like binary 1 or 0 but in a quantum manner. This means there are many variations between a 1 and 0. So if you notice the planet’s shift in Bhava Chalit, then just don’t switch the house completely; instead see all possible variations through other charts, planetary strength, aspects, etc and then reach a conclusion about the house’s result. I personally depend on the exact aspect value (Drishti) of the planet to reach a conclusion about where exactly the planet is positioned with respect to others

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