Planetary Combinations for choosing a research career

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Planetary Combinations for choosing a research career

Research is something when a person goes beyond basic education. Also, the person must be eager to cross any conventions or limits set in the studies in order to excel in the field of Research. Here Rahu is a highly ambitious planet that is ready to cross any restrictions and conventions. So Rahu’s Aspect over the Yoga karaka planets as mentioned in the below para will greatly accelerate a person’s eagerness and ability to do research.

Planets of wisdom, education and intelligence are Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. If the person is having Saraswathi Yoga (If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occupy Kendra or Thrikon or 2nd house and at the same time Jupiter sits in own/exalted/friendly sign) and Rahu is aspecting these planets, especially Venus or Mercury then there is a very high chance for the person to excel in the field of Research if he/she chooses it.

Similarly, other auspicious yogas related to education like Brahma yoga, Sankha Yoga, and Kalanithi yoga also bring such benefits to a person. For example, Khadga yoga (when the 2nd lord and 9th lord mutually exchange their houses and Lagna lord is strong by sitting in a Kendra house) is not directly related to education but along with a strong Budh-Adhithya yoga (Conjunction of Mercury with Sun happening either in Aries, Gemini, Leo or Virgo) will make a person excel in the field of Financial Studies and Research.

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