What is Dasamsa or D-10 Chart and How to Analyse it?

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What is Dasamsa or D-10 Chart and How to Analyse it?

D-10 Chart or Dasamsa is a divisional chart which is also known as Karmamsa. Here each Rashi (300 is one Rashi, 12 Rashis become 30X12 = 3600) is divided into 10 parts of 30 each. Each planet sitting in the D-1 chart will be mapped to one of these 10 parts based on the degree they are occupying in their respective Rashis. The placement of planets in D-10 houses will be based on whether the Rashi is odd or even D-10 Chart is an important divisional chart where an astrologer checks the professional and career of the native also this chart is analyzed to see the achievements of the native in society. I will show an example of how a D-10 Chart is prepared from a D-1 or Rashi chart.

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We will take the division of the 3rd and 4th houses of Scorpio and Sagittarius respectively as an example for preparing D-10 Chart.

Mercury is at 40 24’ 8.12’’ of Sagittarius Mars is at 210 9’ 30.73’’ of Sagittarius

Venus is at 270 33’ 9.97’’ of Sagittarius

Sun is at 120 53’’ of Scorpio

When we divide 300 of Sagittarius into 10 parts we get 10 parts of 30 each A Rashi sign house when divided to 10 will be like below:

3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30

Mercury will fall into the 2nd part. Since Sagittarius is an odd Rashi counting will be started from the same Rashi and so Mercury will be in Capricorn for the D-10 chart.

Mars will fall into 8th part and so will be in Cancer for D-10 Chart

Venus will fall into 10th part and so will be in Virgo for D-10 Chart

Sun will fall into the 5th part. Since Scorpio is an Even Rashi counting will start from the 9th house of Scorpio. So here we will count 5 houses starting from Cancer (9th house from Scorpio) and place Sun in Scorpio In a similar order if we re-arrange the Natal chart, the D-10 chart is formed

How to Analyze D-10 chart or Dasamsa

D-10 chart is an important chart when it comes to the analysis of one’s career, profession, and social achievements. It is very important to study this chart along with D-1 (natal chart) for career predictions. Saturn is the Lord of Dasamsa and placement of Saturn in the D-10 chart is very important for smooth and steady career growth.

In the above chart, Saturn in the D-10 chart is in the 7th house which is a Kendra Bhava and so this placement is considered good. Since Saturn is in the 7th house, overall career growth will be on an ascending scale though the native may be getting full benefits in his 2nd half of life Other important points to take into consideration while analyzing the D-10 chart is mentioned below:

  • Check the Atma karaka planet and its placement. Atma Karaka represents Soul and is considered an important reference point in a chart. This planet and its placement represent one’s inner self more than physical attributes. Some Astrologers check this placement only in Navamsa or D-9 Chart. But I think it will be good to see Atma karaka’s strength as one’s Soul is driving energy towards anything they achieve in the material world
  • Check the position of 1st house lord in D-10 chart
  • Check the strength and position of 10th House lord in D-10
  • Check the Nakshatra of 1st house (Lagnam). Analyzing this will give you an idea about the area of work which will be auspicious for the native
  • Check 10th lord in Rashi Chart and same Planet’s position in D-10 chart (this analysis is very important)

For eg: a planet in the D-1 chart which is sitting in the 10th house and if the house is a fixed sign and if the planet is strong or with benefic aspects, then the native will prosper in business I have mentioned the important point to check during D-10 Analysis. However, for the more accurate and precise report, several other things need to be considered while analyzing D-10 charts or any other charts

For eg: while checking Avasthas of important House Lords, Planets that are in In odd Rashis and in 240 to 300 are considered to be in Mritha or Dead which will not give any results. And these state of planets will also influence predictions

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