Kalpadruma Yoga / Parijat Yoga

Parijat yoga or kalpadruma yoga

Parijat yoga or kalpadruma yoga in astrology is considered a very auspicious yoga. As per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (Chapter 36, Ver. 33-34), the combination for this yoga is explained below. It is a bit of a complex combination and i will try to write it down in a way I can:

  1. Take the house where Ascendant lord is situated
  2. Take the lord of the house in point no 1 (Dispositor of Ascendant Lord)
  3. Take the dispositor of the planet found in point no 2 (Dispositor of Dispositor)
  4. Take the navamsa dispositor of the planet found in point no 2

Now all the planets (Ascendant lord, Dispositor planet, Dispositor’s Dispositor Planet, and Navamsa Dispositor of Latter Planet) found from the above points must be either in Thrikon, Kendra, or Exaltation. Then this Yoga is formed. Native-born in this yoga will be enjoying all the fortunes, will be king-like, will be humble at the same time strong-hearted. Usually, yoga is felt during the second part of one’s life. Raja yoga will be felt in one’s life at a slow pace but will be steady and stable.

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Kalpadruma denotes the Tree with divine powers and is seen as a celestial tree. Parijata is the divine flower liked by the Gods. According to puranas, Kalpadruma tree came out while performing the churning of celestial ocean (Samudra Mandhan)

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An example of this yoga is illustrated as below:

If we apply the rules as i mentioned above we get planets and houses as below:

  1. Ascendant lord Mercury in 7th house
  2. Ascendant Lord’s Dispositor is Jupiter (Jupiter is in 1st house)
  3. Jupiter’s Dispositor Planet is Mercury which is in the 7th House
  4. Lord of Sagittarius (navamsa dispositor of Jupiter) is Jupiter in the 10th house
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