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Pancha Mahapurush Yogas

Pancha Mahapurush Yogas are formed by Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn. These yogas generally brings success, wealth and prosperity in one’s life.

In mythology (Mahabharatha) Draupadi (in her previous birth) through thapasya invoked Lord Shiva and asked for a husband with 14 qualities which are categorized under 5 main qualities of Pancha Mahapurush Yoga. Lord Shiva replied that is not possible for one man to have all these 5 yogas as it will create an imbalance. But Draupadi was not ready to withdraw her wish and so later she had to marry 5 men each with a specific quality.

There are five individual yogas that is formed by these planets are they are:

  1. Hamsa Yoga which is formed by Jupiter
  2. Malavya Yoga which is formed by Venus
  3. Badra Yoga which is formed by Mercury
  4. Ruchaka Yoga which is formed by Mars
  5. Sasha Yoga which is formed by Saturn.
Mahapurush yoga calculator
Mahapurush Yoga Calculator

These yoga are formed when the planets are posited in a Kendra house and at the same time situated in their Own sign or Moolthrikon sign or its Exaltation sign.

Generally, all the above-mentioned yogas will bring prosperity towards the native, Hamsa yoga will make the person pious, virtuous, and truthful. Badra yoga will make the person business-minded, intelligent, charming, and communicative. Sasha Yoga will make the person hardworking, just, and honest. Ruchaka Yoga will make the person courageous, practical, and optimistic. Malavya yoga makes the person attractive, artistic, and luxurious.

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