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What is Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology or Hindu Astrology which in this modern age popularly known as Vedic Astrology is one of the best known ancient studies related to Astrology. Jyothish which means Science of Light is indeed a great knowledge that takes a person in his right direction and enables the man to reach his/her self-realization. It is believed that the origin of Indian Astrology happened sometime around 1500 – 2000 BCE. Many great Sages like Jaimini and Brigu in that period have contributed valuable lessons to the studies. Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra by Great Sage Parashara is still considered as the foundational compilation of Indian Astrology. Works of many great astrologers like one 5th-century Mathematician and Astrologer named Varahamihira, 20th Century modern day Astrologers like Dr. B.V Raman and K N Rao are a valuable contribution to his science.

Even though modern science has rejected the facts of Indian Astrology and placed it under the category of pseudoscience, the value of this incomparable science is very high when it comes to us, the ultimate supreme living being on this planet. When modern science set limits to human knowledge understandings by verifiable proofs, this ancient science opens the human mind to be a part of this unimaginably vast and mysterious Ether or Universe.

Most people have a miss guided understanding that Vedic Astrology is something that is related to predicting the future. This is not at all true. If you can see dark clouds and feel the cool breeze, then you instinctively take the precaution against possible rain. Here you are not predicting the rain instead you are anticipating the most possible outcome of the current situation happening in the visible nature. This is what Astrology is doing but with a wider reach out towards space, Constellations, Stars, Planets, Shadow Planets, and natural Satellites. You cannot simply rely on Astrology for anything and everything in your life.

What is Vedic Astrology for us?

Vedic Astrology is a guiding factor or tool for every human showing their weakness and strength throughout his / her life as no other man-made solution can provide. If a social media company can easily categorize and profile people by grabbing the available personal information, imagine how much more the universe knows about us. While a small satellite called Moon can influence the tides and mood changes in living things, then imagine what a massive planet like Jupiter and Saturn can do…

Modern man is not much attached to this world and nature around him like people who lived in the Vedic period. We are more interested now to fall in love with man-made things like the virtual world, the Internet, and Artificial Intelligence. It is always good to remember what ultimately stays in this world for a longer period – real-world or virtual world…

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