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All About Badhaka house in Vedic Astrology

Badhaka House is related to the hindrances one faces in their birth chart. In Astrology, planets are positioned astronomically in a way that, every house and planet in the chart do have an opposing force or energy contained within the chart itself in the form of Rashi, houses, and planets. The Cosmic law of creation itself is relying on this balance of opposing energies. This opposing energy is what we call Badhaka Houses in a Birth Chart.

The concept of Badhakas is not much detailed in ancient Vedic astrology texts. There are more versions about these badhaka planets in Prashna Marga and few other modern era texts.

First of all, the houses in the birth chart are not counted or taken into account while studying the badhakaas. It is a sign which we see to find its badhaka house.

As per BPHS, Movable signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra) have badhaka in the 11th house. Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) in 9th house. Dual Signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) in 7th House. Obstructions and hindrances will only be felt during the dasha and anthardhasha period of the badhakesh (lord of the badhaka sign)

Suppose a Capricorn ascendant is checking for the badhaka planet related to his / her health and longevity, then Mars (11th lord) becomes the planet. Here if this planet is further afflicted, very low in planetary strength, or posited in an enemy sign in an undesirable house, then the Dasha and bukti (Anthardasha) period of Mars must be taken seriously related to health. Usually, people during this dasha period will show some careless management of personal health.

Similarly one must check their obstructing planet according to the matter of interest, like Sun (for Capricorn ascendant) will become a badhaka planet for matters related to career. Libra is the 10th house for Capricorn ascendant and Leo (11th house of Libra) becomes the badhaka sign of 10th house matters. The position and dignity of the Sun must be studied to understand the level of hindrances or obstructions in their career.

There are chances that the badhaka planet becomes extremely annoying when the sign (Ascendant sign) in question is either Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. It is because the badhaka planet of these ascendants is also having kendradhipathi dosha by being the 7th lord. The adverse effect of these planets will only be neutralized if they are posited in a trine house or in conjunction with a trine lord which is a natural benefic planet.

So as you can see here, obstructions and hindrances are always there in every birth chart and it is the law of nature. Under certain planetary combinations, the badhaka planets may become more powerful, that a person will feel as if everything is getting obstructed or nothing is actually working.

Is there a remedy for Badhaka House

New age alternative medicine is widely accepting the fact of Human energy Aura. Actually, this mysterious energy is the basis of all Cosmic creation and balance. Even the planetary forces and energies are the same Aura what we see in our body as we are also a part of this Creation. So when we think about Remedies, the only way to balance out these badhaka planets is to balance our energy levels. Meditation is the best remedy all the time as it is much capable to balance the planetary energy over our energy aura.

Another way is to identify the badhaka planet and its position and then correct oneself his/her lifestyle so that you will effectively pacify the opposing planet’s energy and maintain the balancing energy.

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